About Us

Managing Properties for Individuals, Investors and Institutions. Providing Professional Services, Networking & Creative Solutions for our Clients.

We are a Hartville, OH faith based Structural Design, Real Estate Investment and Consulting company that specializes in structural design, as well as home and property management services for home owners, landlords, and investors in and around the North East Ohio area and beyond.

Whether your a first time home buyer looking to do right by your family. The home owner considering a remodel or renovation. The landlord with a stack of maintenance requests, tenant trouble, and no time. The contractor looking for his next fix and flip. Or maybe you’ve made the decision to rent out your house, or exploring alternative selling solutions (i.e. rent to own, land contract, owner financing). Are you thinking of retirement, and exploring investment alternatives, and passive income. Are you the full-time investor, and all about that R.O.I. With our network of partners and resources we provide you with many unique, and savvy solutions to help you adapt, and conquer the local real estate market. No more greedy banks, clueless agents, high priced handymen, crooked contractors and terrible tenants. Maintain and protect your investment, because whether a home, or a property. It is an investment.

Proverbs 24:2
Prepare your work outside; get everything ready for yourself in the field, and after that build your house.

Want to benefit by receiving the lowest cost Full-Service Property Management in the Akron/Canton area. We put your family home, rentals, and investments on auto-pilot with our Property management services.

Our Mission

Saving The World 1 House At A Time

Giving Back
We are looking to give back by starting it’s first non-profit initiative. Creating solutions to help felons, addicts and recovering addicts with treatment, employment, support networking, motivation, lifestyle changes, and opportunities. Our goal is to bring all recovery services in our communities to one location. The premise of this is designed for the individual to easily find meetings, treatment, mental health services, physical health and wellness, social functions, financial literacy, and educational programs, out reach programs, and many other services, tools, and resources to be successful, but must of all support, and an understanding friend.

John 15:13
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

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